Refer patients and make money

It's just that simple


Are you a social media influencer, healthcare professional, stay-at-home dad or just someone looking for a
part-time or full-time way to make some cash?
Well then you've just found your place!



Step 1: We'll create a unique affiliate code for you to share. Your affiliate code is good for $10 off

the visit and is an incentive for your referral to book an appointment.

It also ensures you'll get credit for your referral.

You choose your code and add we'll add "10" to the end

Example: Sample's code would be Sample10


Step 2: Share your affiliate code on your website, social media or at live events

A business card using our contact info and your code is 

great for leaving in businesses that will allow it or for carrying around with you.

Click Here To See A Sample Card


Step 3: Patients book an appointment or you can even go online and do it for them

Click Here To See Our Booking Page


Step 4: Once they've seen the physician and paid for their appointment you will receive a commission of 10%

of the total cost of their visit, not including the $10 discount.

Visits are $200 for a 3yr certification or renewal

Visits are $150 for Veterans, patients on SSI or SSDI or current patients in need of an allotment increase.

(an allotment increase allows patients to double the amount they can get at the dispensary)


Commissions will be paid out monthly or as soon as they reach $100

How often they come will be up to you!

We'll track the progress of your referral using Google Docs

You'll have updated access to this tracker at all times

Click Here To See A Sample Referral Tracker



Talking Points For Referrals:

All visits are done using Zoom, no office visits necessary

Educated Alternative provides full application assistance for free

We certify patients in Illinois and Missouri

All certifications are valid for 3yrs at the prices listed above

We offer discounted certifications to Veterans and patients receiving SSI or SSDI

We offer disounted certifications to workers in the cannabis industry as well

Allotment increases are valid for as long as they remain our patient


Your picture and "about you" section will be added to the "Our Team"

page on our website so referrals can confirm you work with us




- Only medical patients can grow cannabis legally

- At the dispensary patients pay less than 2% tax, recreational users pay 25%-43% tax

- Patients can designate up to 3 caregivers to go to the dispensary for them

- Only patients see the full menu in the dispensary



- Patients pay 1/2 the amount in tax that recreational users pay

- Patients can legally grow at home or designate a caregiver to grow for them

- Workers protections are available for medical cannabis patients

- Only patients see the full menu in the dispensary



Use the "Tell Us About Yourself" section on the form below to let us know

how you'll be doing your marketing and your goals working with us.

Also, let us know who you are. Do you have a background in the cannabis industry, marketing, sales.....


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