We have a diverse team with skills that have proven to help us in our companies daily operations. I started Educated Alternative first, a 501(c)(3) to help address the most pressing issues for the new medical cannabis patients in Illinois, education and funding. The education portion is still realized daily through calls, emails and Zoom meetings with our patients to make sure they understand what they're doing before they do it. We have this hands on approach with all of our patients and even with a small staff we are still able to help. The financial assistance dream was realized through the help of Bedford Grow, an Illinois cultivator that took a chance on us when others didn't. We have programs to benefit patients on SSI/SSDI or that are Veterans. For close to 2yrs Bedford Grow provided us vouchers for free cannabis to pass out to those on our programs, close to 200 patients. Unfortunately, when the Illinois Recreational Program was rolled out too quickly in January 2020 Bedford Grow no longer had enough product to donate. We are looking to create new and similar initiatives in Illinois and Missouri and welcome any inquiries about possible collaborations. Allow us to do the legwork to help you fulfill the social equity portion of your applications so you can get to helping patients as soon as possible.


Please take some time to read about our team and get to know us. I've never worked with a harder working and more dedicated group to doing the right thing for cannabis patients. We hope to get a chance to talk to you soon!

- Jose


Jose L Gonzalez Jr.

Executive Director, Educated Alternative - CEO, Primero Cannabis Clinics

I'm truly a life long cannabis advocate and have been a part of the cannabis culture for 30+ years. The times have changed and while in the past cannabis was a taboo subject now I'm invited to speak to groups ranging from inquisitive housewives, elderly people who've avoided it their whole lives all the way to doctors groups. I try to share my passion with others everyday, and I try to share the good fortune that cannabis has brought to me with those who need it most. We're constantly working with other industry professionals to create programs that will benefit our patients that are Veterans or on SSI/SSDI. We've had programs in the past that provided free cannabis monthly and even paid State fees and fingerprinting fees when they were necessary. For certain the true inspiration for opening both Educated Alternative and Primero Cannabis Clinics was my parents, both lost too early to cancer and both could have had a much better quality end of life. Knowing this drives me to make sure others will suffer less by helping them choose a medicine that has been proven safe and effective for thousands of years.


Molly Gonzalez

Board of Directors - Educated Alternative

Bio coming soon!


Robert M Boyd IV

Board of Directors - Edcuated Alternative

Bio coming soon!


Dr. Luis Mertins, M.D.

Certified Medical Cannabis Provider, Illinois and Missouri, Primero Cannabis Clinics

Bio coming soon!


Nicole Gonzalez

Patient Advocate

Hi I'm Nicole, I'm 27 years old and I have been working in the Medical Cannabis Industry for three years. Since working with Educated Alternative I've learned and experienced that cannabis is a medicine used to help cope with a variety of personal and medical conditions such as Chronic Pain, Migraines, Autism, and even Cancer. I have had the pleasure of working with many patients over the years and watched them overcome their challenges through responsible cannabis use. I've been suffering with arthritis in my knees for almost twelve years now and I was taking trips to the hospital twice every two weeks to have the water in my knees drained. The pain was unbearable, so I started researching other options to help me and discovered medical cannabis. I was hesitant at first until I spoke with the doctor at Educated Alternative and it has changed my life. Using medical cannabis to help me tackle routine tasks is now something I have in common with my patients. I'm here to let everyone know they’re not in this alone and together we can make a difference in our lives with the use of medical cannabis. 


Kristen Pirelli

Patient Advocate

Bio coming soon!


Alex Barnes

Patient Advocate

I am a music lover and guitar enthusiast, driven to help serve and better the surrounding community however possible. When I’m not working at the clinic, I’m brushing up on my trivia knowledge, or catching up on an infinitely expanding reading list, or perhaps taking a shot at penning the next American classic. 

My love for both cannabis and education makes me an enthusiast, and lead me to become an advocate, but my pedigree and research have taught me above all else that I still have plenty to learn, and more growing to do. 

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