Past Blogs and Videos

Feel free to check out some of out past presentations. Remember you can always request a presentation at any time by going to our website and leaving a message. Don't forget to also check out our "Upcoming Events" tab to see these events live and get a chance to interact, ask questions and learn some pretty cool things!



Video - Wednesday 4/14/21

Knowing your rights in Illinois and Missouri
An in depth discussion about cannabis patients rights


Video - Wednesday 4/20/21

                                  How to make RSO

Live tutorial we did at "The Cola Lounge"


Video - Wednesday 4/21/21

Patient Q&A Session - Covering random topics
Grow light assembly demo included


Video - Wednesday 4/28/21

Why do I need a Medical Card?


Blog - Wednesday 5/5/21

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!
Where did the term marihuana come from?


Video - Wednesday 6/3/2021

Getting Started as a Cannabis Patient



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